"I am honored to own and wear such beautiful and well-crafted jewelry from a very talented local artist! Leia Beila has innovative designs that are bold and fresh, and when you wear her pieces, you know it was made with love. Keep on creating and making!"  - Andrea -


Hi, I'm Aimee! 

I believe in true self expression through my designs, and creating jewelry that is an extension of body and mind for women who dare to be different. I celebrate individuality and uniqueness. Leia Beila is for the ones who value style as their outlet. For those who have a desire, and appreciation for fine crafted jewelry, and thrive off creativity and originality. For ladies who are confident in being themselves. 


Who Am I?

I was raised in Phoenix Arizona, and I'm a desert rat at heart.  As far back as I can remember I have always created in one way or another.  Art brought me to Seattle, where I graduated with my BFA in print making, painting, and photography from Cornish College of the Arts in 2010.
My interest in creating jewelry began right after college. Confused and unsure about life, I found myself taking apart old jewelry and putting it back together in a way that made the piece brand new again. After countless hours on YouTube learning wire wrapping, and other techniques I decided to take a beginners jewelry making class at a local school.  That class turned into another class, and then more classes, so I could gain expertise and knowledge in my craft. I have been in love with designing, and making jewelry ever since.
 In 2013 Leia Beila was born. My brand is named after my mother -- Linda Beth. She was an avid crafter, and an art teacher. Passing away from breast cancer, she left behind a passion for the arts within me. So in honor of my mom, I wanted to create a business based on art, individuality, and strength. To bring high quality - hand crafted jewelry to people who want and deserve to feel like one in a million. 
 “My style is my own, and I take pride in the unique modern designs I create.” -Aimee
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